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Lines are the connections to the outside world with telephone numbers, whereas extensions are the phones that sit on your desk.
Click the link at the top of this page "User manuals and cheat sheets". We have time-change instructions for many phone systems.Try a different phone... If  the same line has static on multiple phones, call your provider and have them test that line. If they say everything is fine, then you should call your phone guys (hopefully us!).
Sorry, that is a decision you will have to make. We don't want to be held responsible for recommending any particular provider.
The one part of your phone system that is completely customized for you, is the main greeting and menu. The instructions vary from one company to the next, and as a result any generic instructions printed in the manual would be difficult to follow. Fortunately, we try to keep good records of the companies we visit, so we can send you the custom instructions. Feel free to contact us for a copy.
The most likely culprit of this minor annoyance is that your phone probably isn't programed to ring. Only ringing phones can answer calls by simply lifting the handset. Often customers disagree with this hypothesis. They insist that their phone rings, but many times they are hearing the ringer from another phone close by.

This is a feature called "background music", and it was probably activated on accident. Look the feature up in your phone's specific manual to see how to disable it.
Sorry, Affordable Telephone Systems currently does not service computers. However, we can service your network and internet equipment, including all the wiring.

VoIP is an acronym for Voice-over-Internet Protocol, and it is the technology that allows voice signals to be translated to data packets and set over a network, such as the internet. To learn more, click here.

As with any electronics, heat is the enemy. Keep your equipment cool, and it will keep working for a long time. (Oh, and try not to spill a "thirsty-two ouncer" on your phone...)

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