We offer a conversion to wear-free flash memory on selected voicemails, at no additional cost (You will not have to worry about replacing the Hard Drive ever again!) 

The best time to replace your hard drive is before it fails, so that you don't loose all your messages and programming. If your voicemail is hard drive-based and is more that 5 years old, call us today!


Replacement Hard Drives (with exchange)

Avaya/Lucent/AT&T Merlin Mail MLM-007

Avaya/Lucent/AT&T Partner Mail VS

Nitsuko NVM Series

Nokia TMP/Minitel

Panasonic TVS-75

Panasonic TVS-100

Panasonic TVS-200

Samsung Starmail

Samsung Cadence

Toshiba Stratagy DK

Telekol TMP/Minitel

Telekol IntegraX



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